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Lori Koprowski grew up in Louisiana attending Magnet Schools - focusing on the arts and diving competitively spending the after school hours around water. She received her BFA in 1991 from Louisiana State University and soon after moving back to Maui, Hawaii having spent a summer/semester there winsurfing and printmaking at the Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center. These experiences furthered her infatuation with island culture and lifestyle.

Her travels throughout Asia and living and exhibiting in Australia, Fiji, Louisiana, Los Angeles and Hawaii have influenced Koprowski’s rich contemporary style. Her dynamic original oil paintings depict the exaggerated female form with a mix of representation and abstraction at times interlocking shapes and form. The addition of butterflies and the circle and xo symbolism (hugs and kisses, yoga balls, landscapes and the female anatomy) have become a playful and provocative element in her current work. "You may not always see the female form however its influence and every day life in the islands has allowed me to create this composition".

She paints with oil paint, oil sticks, brushes and her fingers on canvas, wood, and paper.
"Art is about adventure and risk
which only add to my development
no matter where that may be".

Internationally exhibited from New York to Australia and in private and corporate collections around the world, Lori Koprowski resides in Haiku and the upcountry town of Makawao in Maui with her husband Carter and daughters Lola and Olivia.

– Lori Koprowski